Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Jolica is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation and to change lives in countries around the world through conscious commerce. We encourage our guests to be intentional about their purchases because their choices about where and what to buy matter.

As a Fair Trade organization, Jolica is not about charity. We provide quality products to our customers at affordable prices by working directly with our producer partners. We ensure that artisans receive fair and timely compensation for their time and skills. Fair Trade producer partners ensure artisans benefit in other ways, including providing health care, educating artisan children, meeting nutritional needs, empowering the poor – especially women – in their communities, and preserving their environment.

The Definition
Fair Trade is a way of engaging in business relationships based on transparency, dialogue and respect. Like other Fair Trade buyers, Jolica is committed to long term relationships with our producer partners and in working together to seek out opportunities that build all partners in sustainable ways.

The Principles
Members of the Fair Trade Federation commit to the principles below with the goal of creating greater equity and partnership in international trade relationships. For more information go to www.fairtradefederation.org.

  1. Creating opportunities for those who are economically and socially disadvantaged
  2. Developing relationships that are transparent and accountable to each other
  3. Building capacity
  4. Promoting Fair Trade
  5. Paying promptly and fairly
  6. Supporting safe and healthy working conditions
  7. Ensuring the rights of children
  8. Protecting the environment
  9. Respecting different cultures