Entrepreneurialism in Chile

This great story about entrepreneurialism in Chile came across my desk today.  Kudos to Richard Branson and Virgin for seeing how vital business solutions are to addressing poverty and stepping out to do something about it.  www.virgin.com/richard-branson/blog/cambio-el-chip–supporting-youth-entrepreneurialism

Jolica partners with some amazing people in Chile and we too have seen how entrepreneurs are able to effect change in their communities.  We partner with a workshop outside of Santiago, for example, that creates absolutely amazing pieces of jewelry out of fused glass.  The vibrant colors and dramatic designs reflect their creator’s passion for living life to its fullest.  She expresses this passion not just in her jewelry but also in her desire to create sustainable, good work for others in her community.  By reaching out to their local market and to international markets, they have created a solid business that provides reliable employment for other budding artisans which in turn creates growth in their community.

Having sat and dialogued with Chilean artisans and business people, I have to concur that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Chile.

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